Son Antem Golf Academy
Kids from age 4
Groups of 4-10 students

2h per week

2 hours per week

3h per week

3 hours per week


A good Junior golf school gives equal importance to kids learning a new sport as well as having fun during the lessons.

Games during our time together are focused on developing the different areas that we exercise whilst playing golf – concentration, respect for our peers, hit the ball well with all of our clubs and learn a variety of golf shots.

Lessons take place in a safe and cheerful environment where Junior golfers play the main role, our exercises, games and teachings adapt to the level and capabilities given their age.

Golf also helps develop motor skills such as coordination and balance.

The benefits for your kids playing golf go further than those linked with the physical side of their growth. During the lessons they will learn to reason and evaluate the various options before picking what club and type of shot they need to play at the time.

Ultimately golf is a constant practice of focus, concentration and respect for your playing partners all of them valued skills and virtues in our kids everyday life.

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