What to expect

  • Equipment provided and Green Fees included
  • Learn how to sign and count a scorecard properly
  • Test of ability, etiquette and rules of golf to ensure you’re confident and ready to play golf on the course on your own
  • It can be done individually or in a group of maximum 5 students
  • Fun sessions!




Course days

2 days

3 days

5 days

Lessons hours

10 hours

15 hours

21 hours


Achieve your first handicap during your golfing holiday here in Mallorca.

Experience and learn the variety of shots and situations you will have to figure out and solve whilst playing a round of golf.

Learn the differences between stableford, medal play and handicap tournaments and how to mark the score accordingly to each type of competition.

Overview and test of the basic rules of golf and etiquette. This way you can play on the course without being worried of slowing down more experienced players or not knowing the rules.

Novice golfers have to be efficient players, maybe not the longest but good enough to keep the ball in play. The use of strategy and golfing IQ will be vital to speed up the learning curve.

During a round of golf sometimes scores can be higher than we want.
We will learn to manage emotions like frustration or disappointment that may appear if we have set unrealistic expectations for our golf round.

Following the method learned, finding the right rhythm and accepting that golf isn’t always an easy sport will all make you a better golfer and help lower your score in the next rounds.

Doing a little warm-up including golf related stretches is part of the many things you will learn to think about and remember to do before teeing off!

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