What to expect

  • Lesson hours time-sensitive around job & family
  • In-depth interview and assessment to understand your needs
  • Coaching tailored to your individual requirements
  • Simple concise instruction targeting areas needing improvement
  • Equipment is provided free

1 person

55 minutes

2 people

55 minutes


An initial interview of your personal goals, swing and ability level will determine our roadmap, we’re both accountable, you as a student and me as a golf coach. If we follow the plan correctly it should lead to you having a greater consistency and confidence in your game.

A good golf lesson doesn’t necessarily involve a big change in the student’s technique. Instead, enhancing your skills and showing you more efficient ways to practice can be just what you are looking for.

My aim is to provide an environment for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age or ability and to get the most out of our time together.

There is nothing more fulfilling for me than helping a student achieve their personal goal in golf, whatever it might be.

We all have natural tendencies and skills, that’s what makes every person’s golf swing unique and a challenge for me as a teacher to figure out what ‘feelings’ or drills can help your game.

Controlling the start line of the ball is vital. If you don’t know where your ball will start you can’t control where it will land.

Many club amateurs are told that unless the ball is flying straight the swing wasn’t good enough. That statement can’t be further away from reality and is detrimental for a golfers game and self esteem in many occasions.

We all know that top professionals hit the ball a long way and fairly straight. This doesn’t mean that they don’t shape the ball, actually that’s what they do best. Pro’s on TV hit small curves that to the naked eye seem straight shots because they have so much control over the golf ball.

Hitting a driver with a 10-15 meter curve of the ball in the air that lands on the fairway, regardless of it being a small fade or a baby draw, if repeated consistently gives the student way better results and enjoyment than getting in the process of re-building the foundations of your swing from scratch to try and emulate what you see on TV.

Play your best golf and enhance your own skills to produce what we are all looking for in golf…. CONSISTENCY.

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