My Coaching Method

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    Baseline to see where you stand & determine your goals

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    Setup – Grip, Posture & Alignment

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    Start of the swing

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    Short swings & distances – Sandwedge to 7 iron

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    L to L

    Pitching & Bunker – Intermediate golf swings

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    Full swing

    Longer shots with irons and woods

Fundamentals such as good technique, posture or alignment applied for our short game are the method’s bedrock on which we will build our full swing.

Putting & chipping first, get that right and quickly move on to develop longer shots with both irons and woods.

Whether these are your first few steps in golf or you’re looking to improve your game I will do my best so that you feel at ease in an environment that lends itself into learning new skills.

I offer a variety of golf lessons that are designed so you can learn to play golf at a time that suits you, being time-sensitive around your family and job.

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